Our School

Our beloved school (DIS) within 12 years has become one of the most prestigious educational institutions in our locality. We dedicate ourselves to the growth and prosperity of our children. We have established an eloquent example of blending dissemination knowledge and skill with humanism and commitment of excellence. At DIS, we believe that in the competitive world of today academics alone is not enough to make your child competent and confident take on life’s challenges. Teaching is all about- identifying the potential of child, training and honing of the skill and leading it to be a winner in life. The school is set upon the solid foundation of integrity, truth and learning. Established in the pollution free environs with lush green grounds, the school not only provides meaningful and rewarding education but also provides a strong fiber and an adequate environment for the mental and physical growth of the student leading to an all round development of each child.

“Invest and endow your child with wings to soar high. Train him to recognize his talent and harness his potential. Launch him successfully into the ultimate exam called life”