The goal of Value Education in the Boarding area of Divine Internationl School appears to direct students towards migration into a mature world at the same time it prepares students academically, socially, physically, psychologically and makes them culturally rich for a global citizenship. The discipline in this boarding school is developmental rather than restrictive.

  1. Separate accommodation for boys and girls
  2. Large, well furnished and ventilated rooms with modern facilities
  3. Bathrooms and toilets of western model with the facility of hot and cold water for 24 hours of a day
  4. A dinning hall with tables and chairs of stainless steel surface to ensure the maximum hygiene
  5. Highly clean and hygienic kitchen
  6. Different menu for different days
  7. Regular health and dental checkups for the students in campus
  8. A well stocked school store and cafeteria for students for quick bites , snacks and personal items, uniform and books etc