Nearly every boarding school on this globe may furnish disquieting illustrations of failure to understand the underlying principles of human behavior but not at DIS.

The discipline in this boarding school is developmental rather than restrictive. The goal of Value Education in the Boarding area of DIS appears to direct students toward migration into a mature world at the same time, it prepares students academically, socially, physically, psychologically strong and makes them culturally rich for a global citizenship.

We do not let them fear, for we have something of value. We have made it through storms of changes and now we are brave "Intrepid". Our students are pious, moving in the right direction on a strong path of Indian values and ethos. Now, it is just another step, closer to our dreams.


Adjacent to the hostels are the mess halls where wholesome vegetarian food is served under hygienic conditions. Special care is taken to make the food delicious, hygienic and nutritious. As an international institution, the best retrace watches Organic farm which is set up exclusively for the student is supplying wheat, rice and vegetables for the mess. DIS hostel mess is following day wise menu with special diets of the every Sunday and on the occasions. We are having different – different test of East to West and North to South which is making familiars with our boarders all states foods.


The Divine International School, a World Level School has a comprehensive set of rules applicable to all the students. In addition to, boarders are expected to be well behaved at all times in the hostel complex and abide by the rules laid down by the hostel authorities.

  1. Students are prohibited from bringing any valuables, money, cell phones, laptops, etc.
  2. No student will leave the hostel complex for any reason, without the permission of the Hostel Warden.
  3. Ragging is not allowed in the school premises. If anybody is found guilty of doing so, the student will be expelled from the school.
  4. There will be no bullying, smoking, drinking or use of intoxicating drugs in the school and hostel complex.
  5. The students should co-operate in maintaining the school building and the campus of the school neat and tidy.
  6. Parents are requested to inform the Office, two days in advance, if they plan to take their children for an outing or weekend.
  7. An ethical code of conduct needs to be signed by the Students and Parents at the time of admission.
  8. Students carrying cash are expected to hand it over to the hostel warden for safe-keeping. As and when required, money will be given to the students and they will be expected to account for the same.
  9. This is with a view to encourage responsibility and prevent wasteful or undesirable spending.